Monday 3 March 2014

A Subversive Poem (Don’t Read This)

These are subversive words,
So I won’t tell you again:
Stop reading now
And put down your pen.
But you’re reading on:
You dare to defy;
You doubt my wisdom
And question me why.

I know I’m right
And you are wrong,
Though I won’t explain:
It would take too long.

I’m not being arrogant
Or dictatorial you know.
It’s just for the best
You stop reading and go.

Accept my superior insight:
There’s no need for debate,
But continued defiance
Will make me irate.

Have I upset you?
Oh, how can it be:
You think your opinion
Matters to me?
Now stop reading this.
It’s time to relent,
Obey my orders
And desist from dissent.

Don’t consider complaining:
I’ll ignore your views,
Suppress your rights
And freedom to choose.

Don’t dare discuss this:
You already offend;
And don’t think you win
By reaching the end.

Robert M. Lowry

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